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Relax and immerse yourself in a classic game of golf at Southlinks Golf Club which opened its doors to the public in February 2014. The artistry of its 18-hole golf course is a noteworthy piece designed by the skillful hands of Golfplan’s Kevin Ramsey. Scenic views of sunlit forests and rolling plains can’t be afforded to be missed by on-field players. Bring family and friends to witness spectacular views while having your quality family bonding time. Consisting of various terrains, the golf destination’s architecture remains a challenge for those who wish to make the most of every swing. Take your game to new heights by swinging at Southlinks Golf Club and create memories you’ll surely never regret.

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Come and visit our Golf Club and try out all our facilities and amenities our place has to offer!

1. 18-HOLE GOLF COURSE - For Newbies and Pro Golfers

Spend a wonderful day playing on Southlinks luscious playing field with family and friends under the sun. Surrounded by nature’s charming beauty, its alluring fairways and dazzling scenery will keep golfers captivated until the end of day. High handicapped players are suggested to bring extra golf balls since the course’s sand traps are filled with silica sand which poses a huge challenge.

2. THE RESTAURANT - Recharge before Swinging.

Feeling tired and in need of a pick-me-up before the game starts? Southlinks provides its main cafe to satisfy your hunger needs. While the family waits for dad to finish his big match, the family can have the pleasure of delicious meals while enjoying each other’s company. Southlinks Golf Club’s concessionaire will give you the satisfaction of being refreshed and recharged making sure that your stay will leave you wanting to come back.

3. THE PRO SHOP - The Golf Shop for Champions

If you’re looking for a new breathable pair of gloves or high-tier golf clubs then look no further! Southlink’s Pro Shop offers its merchandise and equipment you’ll need to boost your performance in the tourneys. The Pro Shop assures that you won’t be disappointed when you see the latest goods that it has to offer.

4. DRIVING RANGE - Practice makes perfect

In any sports or hobby, practice makes perfect. The Driving Range is designed to help golfers practice their swings to go at different distances. In case there’s no full game available at the golf course, you could opt to try the driving range and treat it as a good exercise.

5. RECEPTION AREA - Welcoming you to Southlinks

The staff at the reception area will welcome you with open arms as you enter Southlinks Golf Club. Our fun-loving receptionists will feel like you’ve known each other since forever. So feel free to have a casual talk with our friendly receptionists about your golfing experience in Southlinks Golf Club.

6. LOCKER ROOMS - Be secured and play worry-free

Keep all your valuables in Southlink’s safe and secured lockers while you get out there and play your tourney stress-free. We assure you that your belongings are kept in a safe place where no one will be able to get their hands into. Remember to hold on to your locker keys while having fun!

7. SHOWER ROOMS - Cool down and freshen up

Maybe you’ve been staying too long on the road and feel a bit sticky because of the heat and dust. It’s a good thing Southlink’s shower rooms are available to those who want to stay clean. Cool down with a quick shower after being under the sun for too long.

8. PARKING AREA - Great for large groups and individuals

Worrying about where to park your car? Don’t worry because Southlinks Golf Club offers multiple parking spaces and tight security for your ride. We want to make it a point that security is a first.

9. BAG DROP AREA - Caring for your Irons

This area has been specifically designed to accommodate your golf bags before registering so you don’t have to worry about bringing your heavy irons with you before the game starts. Our friendly and trusted caddies will make sure that your golfing equipment is treated with the utmost care and quality management.

10. PRACTICE GREENS - For Putting & Pitching

The practice area is located in front of holes 1 and 10 which shouldn’t be difficult to miss when you’re traversing your way from the clubhouse to the fairways of Southlinks Golf Club. While you get that right angle and swing, our dedicated caddies will assist you in your golfing needs on your way to bagging that trophy you deserve!


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Southlinks Golf Club
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