Hole 1-9

The holes covering the front section of the golf course mostly consists of rolling terrains.



Always Safety First

Rules of Play - All golf games shall be governed by rules of golf currently adopted by R&A and USGA

Local Rules

Movable Obstructions - Loose stones in bunker are movable obstruction (Rule 24-1)
Immovable Obstructions - Free relief under Rule 24-2. Tee houses, rain shelters, trash cans, sand boxes, tree stumps, roads, cart paths, sprinkle heads, yardage sticks, irrigation boxes and pump house.
Yardage Markers - All yardage markers are measured to the center of the green.
Call Holes - All Par 3's are Call Holes.

Keep It Safe

  • Ensure that no one is in a position to be hit by your club, the ball or any objects when you make a practice swing or stroke.
  • Do not play until you are certain that the players ahead are out of range.
  • Shout "FORE" if you ball appears headed toward anyone and cover up when you hear it.
  • Observe rules on the use of golf carts and drive carefully.


  • All players must be in proper golf attire. Only soft spikes are allowed.
  • Keep a good pace of play. Allow faster players to play through.
  • Rake bunkers.
  • Repair divots and ball marks.
  • Carts on cart path only.

Club Rates

Open to Players of All Levels

Spend a wonderful day playing on Southlinks luscious playing field with family and friends under the sun. Surrounded by nature’s charming beauty,
its alluring fairways and dazzling scenery will keep golfers captivated until the end of day. High handicapped players are suggested to
bring extra golf balls since the course’s sand traps are filled with silica sand which poses a huge challenge.

9 Holes | 18 Holes
9 Holes | 18 Holes
Resident GuestPhp 900Php 1,600Php 1,350Php 2,500
Non-Resident GuestPhp 1,350Php 2,500Php 1,600Php 3,000
Junior GolfPhp 900Php 1,600Php 1,350Php 2,500
Senior Citizen (w/ ID)Php 686Php 1,186Php 1,007Php 1,829
Southvale ResidentPhp 775Php 1,350Php 1,200Php 2,200
Southvale Resident (Senior)Php 596Php 1,007Php 900Php 1,615
ARC MemberPhp 800Php 1,400Php 1,250Php 2,300
ProPhp 690Php 1,180Php 1,005Php 1,810
GalleryPhp 300Php 600Php 375Php 750
Junior Golf (Gallery)Php 150Php 250Php 150Php 250
9 Holes | 18 Holes
9 Holes | 18 Holes
Golf CartPhp 400Php 800Php 400Php 800
Driving Range (per hour)Php 300Php 300Php 300Php 300
Driving Range (per bucket)Php 70Php 70Php 70Php 70
Practice Greens (per day)Php 300Php 300Php 300Php 300
Caddie FeesPhp 250Php 450Php 250Php 450
InsurancePhp 25Php 25Php 25Php 25
Hole-In-One InsurancePhp 25Php 25Php 25Php 25

Swing Away!

We are open from Tuesdays to Sundays

Tee-off Hours: 6AM to 4PM